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Greenhouse in a Jar

Emptied and cleaned out the greenhouse this week since nothing much else is going to happen in there with the colder weather approaching.  Hummmn I asked myself….did we grow enough chillies????…. I now have a bag full in the freezer, a long strand in the airing cupboard and 5 pots of sweet chilli jam.

The sweet chilli jam recipe is perfect as the main ingredients are chillies, peppers and tomatoes….as you can see, I had plenty of these…..so it’s a real potted triumph of this years greenhouse successes.


Chilli Fiesta

Sweet Peppers

Lovely tomatoes

More chillies...on the way to the airing cupboard for drying

Sweet chilli jam....a true greenhouse triumph.




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Green Fingers

Everything is busting into life in the greenhouse.  The chillies look amazing and I am really pleased with the butternut squash as these started as dried seeds from a shop bought squash.

Just need a bit more sunshine now so that everything ripens…..forecast not looking good for tomorrow.

Chilli Peppers

Sweet Peppers

Birds Eye Chillies

Butternut Squash



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