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Crater Glaze

I’ve been interested in and trying to make a successful volcanic glaze for a while.  I found this fabulous crater glaze recipe in an old copy of Ceramic Review 141 May/June 1993.  It was described in a feature on James Lovera – ‘About the Individual’.

Lovera was an American Potter, best know for his bowls.  His glazes interpret nature, ‘lichen series’, ‘sky series’, ‘willow bark series’ or ‘molten lava and crater series’.  He was also fascinated by Japanese people and culture.  In the CR  article, he described the followed philosophy……

“I am trying to make a complete a statement as I can, as simply as I can.  Form, line, space, surface.  When you stop and think about it, it’s all there.  I feel that when an object is broken down into its basic elements and still leave its observer in awe, the underlying principles are at one with the universe.  The unknown is the element of the individual, the mystery”

Crater Glaze – Cone 10 (I fired to cone 9 oxidation)

China Clay     42 parts

Silica     43 parts

Potash Feldspar     159 parts

Calcium Carbonate (Lime)     78 parts

Titanium Dioxide     36 grams

Silicon Carbide     21 grams


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