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At least someone is ready for the snow….

'Snow Dog'


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Julian got a home-made pork pie for his birthday….what more would he want (a cake??!).  I think he was infinitely more pleased with the pie.

I was just thinking of a title for my P.P.P. (Pork Pie Post), when I remembered that Dad used to refer to them as growlers.  Thought I would investigate the provenance of ‘growler’……nothing exciting to report really apart from it is a term that originated in Yorkshire.

The two most common theories are:

1) You eat one when your stomach is growling.
2) They make your stomach growl after you’ve eaten one.

Probably the best answer I could ask for!


Humm...thought the big black nose might show some interest....

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The ‘Elixir of Eternal Youth’

The Rhubarb Schnaps is finally ready……….no further comment required!!!!

Decanting....the long waited the six week wait is up

This stuff is 'devine'. As an old friend Bill used to say....this beauty is 'The Elixir of Eternal Youth'. A rhubarb masterpiece still with me????

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…..What is it?

Interesting results from the raku firing.  I am definitley getting more adventurous…..  Fantastic swirls of shiny copper from the copper oxide applied on top of the glaze.  The red commercial glaze always produces reliable results, some might find comfort in this consistancy, but I find it dull and uninspiring. It always does exactly what you expect it to……what is the fun in that, hardly the spirit of raku.

Sadly the rim burst off my favourite piece, but casualties are to be expected.  The rim was thicker than the rest of the pot and there must have been an air bubble in the clay when it was made.  Really pleased with the effect of the glaze combination though on the remaining pot (see close up picture above), so will try and replicate this next time.  On consulting with others, had the rim remained in tact, it turns out I am the only one who would have liked it anyway…..fine…..they obviously still need to be enlightened…..

I wonder how many more times I will be asked of my pots…….”what is it?”

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Rhubarb Booty

More Rhubarb goodies this week in the form of Rhubarb Chutney and Rhubarb and Ginger Jam.  We have cut all the flowers that had started growing from the plants and now it is producing more rhubarb than ever.  First attempt at jam…..more practice may be required……I have a feeling it may have the consistancy of a boiled sweet.  Don’t break the knife trying to spread it on your crumpet!!  At least we have plenty more of this splendid vegetable to practice with.  Have just found a recipe for Rhubarb Schnapps too……

Oh, and if this wasn’t more info than you needed about rhubarb, you really indulge yourself with the Rhubarb Compendium….enjoy!

Chutney on the go

Finished article

The Jam - Can you believe....only 4 small jars from 2kg of Rhubarb...where did it go?

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Breakfast bowls

More throwing practice tonight and after a shaky start managed to produce these 3 bowls.  Last weekends firing produced one breakfast sized bowl, which we have been fighting over ever since.  Attempting now to make some more so that we can have one each…and maybe a few spares. I’ll be able to get through some of that porridge with bowls this big.

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“What a Load of Rhubarb!”

The most enormous patch of Rhubarb has appeared outside the window of The Potting Shed.  I didn’t even really notice it growing, then all of a sudden it is in season and ready to pick.  I have always wanted a Rhubarb plant, so am very pleased.  Rhubarb crumble and custard for pudding last night, going to try my hand at jam making (Rhubarb and Ginger), stewed rhubarb for breakfast……A quick search on the web found suggestions for rhubarb wine…..sounds good.  I think I will fill freezer with rhubarb so can eat for the rest of the year…..yum..

Search of web also uncovered that rhubarb can also mean “nonsense” – as in, “What a load of rhubarb!”

or more interestingly……

Apparently, “rhubarb” was a 19th Century slang term for one’s private parts. There was a well-known coarse query a hundred years or so ago – “How’s your rhubarb, Missus?” that was guaranteed to get your face slapped

How's your Rhubarb!!!

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