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Sloppy Seconds

Have tried throwing with the reclaimed clay from the pugmill and have decided it is far to soft.  I just got to the point of making a nice large bowl and then the whole thing collapsed….more than a few times.  On the plus side, I now have some nice large plates!

I am going to leave it on the plaster bat overnight and see if I can wedge it into something more useable tomorrow.

I did manage to throw my largest (and tallest ever) 2 component vase today though…with the reclaimed clay left on the plaster bat all day yesterday, so I am hoping for even better productivity tomorrow when I have more clay to play with.

I am trying my hand at classic shapes, I want to master the technique of throwing properly….then I can go back to bizarre creations……

Sloppy clay on plaster bat to dry out

Vase...something is wrong...this looks like it might be useful!!


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Captain Pugmill

“Blistering Barnacles!”  We managed to reclaim about 35Kg of clay today using Desmond’s pugmill, great result.

Having never used a pugmill before, or even seen one in actions, we weren’t quite sure what to expect….but you just put all your old potting disasters, turning shavings and wet sloppy stuff in the top, pull the handle…..and lovely ‘brand new’ clay spurts out of the end in a big sausage….brilliant!

Yes, I've checked can start now!

In with the sloppy stuff....

Down with the handle....

Out comes the clay 'sausage'


"Shiver me timbers" .....It keeps coming.....filling up the third bag now.

"Coddling catfish!"

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My Favourite Cornish Clay

Took the opportunity when visiting friends in Devon this weekend to hop over the border to Cornwall and fill up with my favourite Cornish Clay.  The clay pit is shut on Saturday’s but Mr Doble kindly left it on a palette outside waiting for me.  Thanks John!

I look forward to getting tucked in……big bowls are my latest fascintation.  There are five in the biscuit kiln now….two of which will be selected for the wood firing at the UCA on Friday.  Am really looking forward to taking part in the firing and seeing the results.

The weather at St Agnes was gorgeous, the clay pit is in a great location on the cliff tops.  Much more rewarding making pots when you know exactly where the clay comes from, rather than just opening a bag….and even better when it is such lovely clay.

Dobles Clay Pit, St Agnes

Not a bad spot for a clay pit!

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