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Crumbs…another biscuit barrel…

This one really was ‘just in time’.  A biscuit barrel commision for wedding present…..plucked fresh from the kiln at Farnham on Sunday and dropped off on the way to the reception.  They didn’t even get the chance to wrap it!

I believe the groom liked it…..when he’s finished eating biscuits from it, apparently he will request his ashes are kept in it.  Nice!!

Urn?? No, it's for biscuits!!


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Happily ever Biscuits…..

Really pleased to have a comission for a third biscuit barrel.  Need to start compiling a stock of these.  Another wedding present.  Must be some link between getting married and a life together eating biscuits.  Doesn’t sound too bad!

Put the finishing bobble on the hat (lid) in the sunshine this afternoon. Sun...good for the soul, but not so good for not drying out clay. Have to stop using the garden table and get back in the shed....

In case your biscuit barrel is empty, here is a very quick recipe to fill it up (for a short time only)

Walnut Shortbreads…tried and tested yesterday…none left now, so must be ok.

100g chopped walnuts

90g butter

60g caster sugar

Few drops vanilla essence

125g plain flour

Pre heat over to 130 degrees c

1. Cream butter, vanilla and sugar

2. Stir in walnuts

3. Fold in flour

4. Roll dough into 3cm dia sausage, cut into disks 2cm thick and roll into balls

5. Arrange on greased baking tray and bake for 30 mins.  Should be slightly soft in middle.

(Recipe says will keep in container for upto 2 weeks……dream on!!)

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