Hello….and welcome to my pottery world.

My passion is everything to do with clay, from digging it out of the ground, formation of pots, the firings, glazing techniques and mishaps….there is so much to explore.

Where the inspiration comes from….no-one knows…..who can tell what exciting creation is just around the next corner.

‘A View from the Potting Shed’ all started when I became editor of the Village News Magazine in Puttenham.  This is a great magazine packed full of community spirit and is delivered to around 700 people in the local area.  It was with more than a little encouragement from my Dad, who purely thought there was some ‘sport’ to be had, that I wrote my first article.  As landlady of the local pub, I was also in a great position to muse about local goings on….of which there were many. 

When we sold the pub in November 2009 and moved from the village, I gave up my role as editor and started exploring another outlet for my pottery ramblings.  For one thing I missed the monthly braindump and I also found the articles to be a great record of pottery exploits.  Also, much to people’s bemusment, ‘A view from the Potting Shed’ attracted quite a following.  Extracts from my monthly page can be found at View from the Potting Shed (Sept 08 – Nov 09)

After a few technical hurdles, I’ve upgraded to a Blog!  For an insight into my pottery world, you can follow the latest antics and ramblings, which is also full of things which inspire me.

I hope they inspire you too.



One response to “About

  1. David Beales

    Hi Rachel,

    I responded very quickly to your request for another potter for the Saturday workshop and would like to come. Is that OK. ?

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