Apple Catchers…

Apple Catchers n. – a traditional Herefordshire name for outsized, or generously proportioned knickers (so big one could use them for harvesting apples).
Before yesterday, I too thought Apple Catcher was a term for large, frilly knickers.  That is before Julian fashioned his own apple catcher from a long branch and a metal coat hanger.  The loop on the end was perfect for plucking the apples that have remained out of reach at the top of the trees.  For the really large, red and juicy apples which cunningly seemed to nestle only at the very top of the tree, we had to go back to the common to find a longer stick.  125kg of apples now wait patiently in boxes and dustbins, their skins softening, ready for the inaugural pressing next weekend….the first step in the process of cider making.  Never made cider before, but with all the apple trees in the garden it is the perfect time to experiment.
Some  friends and fellow cider makers pressed their apples last weekend and eeked out 8 gallons of pure juice which has already started to ferment.  Luckily we have managed to lay our hands on a second-hand apple press and don’t have to resort to a net curtain, 2 pieces of kitchen worktop and a car jack….although apparently the contraption did the job perfectly!

The ingenious apple catcher reaches those who thought they were safe!

Get right up there.....leave no apple up picked!

Hummm...they look like tennis balls....but they don't taste like them...

Yes...ha ha...this one looks like a bottom....

Extra long apple catcher in action...


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