Not a contour for miles….

Walk on the beach at Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex.   The cloud seemed to forming above our heads, although we didn’t get wet luckily.  1/2 mile out to sea and we would have been basking in sunshine.  The Isle of Wight was certainly soaking up some rays.

Walk made all the better by some home-made egg custard tart (another first), nice one Delia, but think the pastry needs some attention.

I’m sure one of the houses directly on the beach was featured in C4 Grand Designs.  The one with 2 arty blokes who lived together and had a house full of amazing collectable contemporary artwork.  Should have taken a picture but at the time it seemed a bit weird to be photographing someone elses house.  I’m sure if I watch More4 for a few weeks, it will be repeated…….

Mountain dog didn’t need her hill climbing legs today.  There wasn’t  a contour to be seen in any direction for miles and not one marked on the side of the map at all.  The fields of corn, wheat, potatoes are vast, as were the courgettes…and I thought we were being kept busy harvesting courgettes off only 5 plants…..blimey, these fields had a troupe of EU ravers collecting the booty.

Now they are putting the growers name/farm and location on the packaging of vegetables in supermarkets I will have to look out for them.

Brought home some strand line treasure which I thought I could use to incorporate some texture into my pots.  Bit of wood with holes in it, remenants of a battered plastic bread crate, and a rusty bit of steel.  Will these objects look so appealing when sitting in the Potting Shed rather than poking out of the pebbles and seaweed?  Julian just raises eyebrows…junk indeed….but when his back is turned, I tuck it in the side of the rucksack….ha!

Egg Custard Tart....oh Yes!

Not a contour for miles!

Not in this direction either. You can just see Selsey Bill on the right hand side, in the distance. (Thought I had cut it off....but it sneaked in there)

Courgettes Galore!


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