Maryport Slag!

Just got round to writing a post on visit to Maryport.  The trip was primarily to walk the dog, but it turned out to be an interesting find.  The waste from the blast furnaces (built in 1784) was clearly visible along the stretch of coast, where the slag was poured directly onto the beach.  Research into the specific blast furnaces has proved unfruitful as they were overshadowed by the industry at Workington and also the ship building in Maryport, however I did discover that they used limestone (a sedimentary rock composed largely of the mineral calcite or calcium carbonate, CaCO3), as a flux (lowers melting point), a constituent in some glaze recipes.  I will have to investigate this further…

Picked up some interesting pieces of slag with iron and coke in them, which at some point I will try to incorporate into a pot/glaze

Layers of slag waste from the blast furnace

Remains of a fire brick from the blast furnace embedded in the slag. From what I can make out it was made at Broughton brick works.

More layers...

Nice little hut on at the port, where we just caught a fishing boat unloading it's catch, lots of skate, prawns and a few unfortunate lobsters.

Liked this turquoise.....boat was on its last legs, but at least it was a nice colour...



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2 responses to “Maryport Slag!

  1. Neil

    i thought that this post was going to be about something entirely different – most disappointed

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