I have been lagging behind with my blog postings…..and have amassed a long queue of musings, including 2 glaze firings.  I will do my best to get up-to-date, pronto…..but I am going to start with latest first…

In the Lakes again and on the first night here coincidentally ended up watching a program on the background to Wainwright’s pictorial Guides.  He was an obsessive, cantankerous and solitary rambler, but his guides are still fascinating 40 years on.  As a nod to his great achievements and to fulfill a long-held ambition, we decided to climb Haystacks.  Wainwright’s most favourite mountain of all, and where his ashes were scattered……I can see why he chose it, I think it has also now become my favourite too.

We made the ascent via Fleetwith Pike 2,126 feet, which when we reached the summit was typically in the clouds.  The walk round the ridge to Haystacks 1,958 ft, passed the workings of Honister slate mine.  The cloud had lifted by the time we reached Haystacks and we were rewarded with wonderful views down the Buttermere Valley, but also the summits of Great Gable and Pillar were visible.

Ascent of Fleetwith Pike from Buttermere

Are we nearly there yet? Nope.....that's Haystacks in the background...

Summit of Fleetwith Pike (2,126 feet)....in the clouds...great!

Yes...we can't see beyond our noses...even big black noses!

Honister Green Slates....ready for some lucky roof

Honister slate mine

That's where we are heading, you can see why it's called Haystacks.....it looks like them!

Amazingly, on closer inspection, there was someone living in this mountain hut. Talk about a room with a view!

Inominate Tarn (on the top of Haystacks) The purple heather was beautiful as were the 360 panoramic views.

Where we've come from, Fleetwith Pike in the background

Pillar in the background.....Been up there a few years ago......but it was totally in the cloud so needs tackling again.

Woo Hoo...I like it up here, that view of Buttermere is amazing!

I've turned into a real mountain dog....that's Great Gable in the background.

Fleetwith Pike on the descent from Haystacks

Relaxing in the beautiful sunshine in the garden.....totally different weather from the top of Fleetwith Pike earlier....


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  1. This looks amazing, wish I had the energy!! Keep the postings coming, I love ’em!!

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