Birthday Boots

A birthday treat!  Up Eel Crag (Crag Hill) 2,753 feet, via the Shelf Route.  The shelf route as Wainwright puts it “adds a little thrill to the climb”, he also goes on to say that “ladies in ankle length skirts may find odd places a little troublesome”…..I suppose he did write this book in 1963, but I am surprised that anyone in a skirt would attempt to hoik themselves up this route, however exhilarating.

Flo is really getting the hang of the mountains and managed to navigate her way up the precarious ascent of Eel Crag way ahead of us.  Certainly thrilling…..providing an excellent spot for birthday butties (ham and mustard).

The disused mine at Force Cragg, has a long history of mining lead, zinc and barytes, also known as barium sulphate….so in a link to pottery, some of the main constituents of popular glazes could have been extracted from this area.

Ascent starts gently on the disused mine track towards our target 'Eel Crag' and Force Crag mine.

Who said I couldn't capture the sunshine peeking through the clouds...

That right....have a big drink, you're gonna need it where we are going....

Force Crag Mine, with Grisdale Pike behind it. This was the last working metal mine in the Lake District, prior to its final abandonment in 1991. The site was mined for lead from 1839 until 1865, and for zinc and barytes from 1867

Not a bad spot for lunch, looking over Coledale Beck towards the Pennines.

We made it, the summit of Eel Crag (2,753 feet)

Cloud just hovering over the tops of the big stuff, we just caught a glimpse of Gable on the top.

Looking out to High Spy, Maiden Moor and Robinson


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  1. Neil

    looks like you had a cracking day out

    looking forward to your visit

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