Big Dogs….Small Trains….

What a contrast….one day in the beautiful North Western Fells, the next at the low level waste respository near Sellafield!  Decided a rest day was in order after injuring knee on the way down Haystacks, so was talking into exploring the Cumbrian coast, which is where the better weather seemed to be hanging out.

Ravenglass is a lovely village.  The steam railway takes you right up to Dalegarth in Eskdale, which I am sure is spectacular, but I hadn’t imagined the trains to be so minature….and the thought of sitting on that for an hour (each way) with a big hairy doggie did not fill me with joy……we gave it a miss!

On to Drigg, the site of the low level nuclear waste respository….Nice!   I wouldn’t imagine many people experience the wild and windswept Irish Sea along this part of the coast…..this is remote!……and the vision of Sellafield in the distance, a little bit eerie…..

Back to Cockermouth via Seascale, where unbelievably we had the best home-made rum and raisin and raspberry ripple ice-cream….who would have thought it…..maybe that’s what keeps the locals going….that and the fact that they have this untouched, rugged and beautiful landscape all to themselves (apart from the little nuclear power station).

Lovely lunch spot on the beach at Ravenglass

Humm...this train a bit smaller than I expected....did no-one think to mention??!

Seascale in the shaddows of Sellafield behind


Oh Buoy!


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