Sloppy Seconds

Have tried throwing with the reclaimed clay from the pugmill and have decided it is far to soft.  I just got to the point of making a nice large bowl and then the whole thing collapsed….more than a few times.  On the plus side, I now have some nice large plates!

I am going to leave it on the plaster bat overnight and see if I can wedge it into something more useable tomorrow.

I did manage to throw my largest (and tallest ever) 2 component vase today though…with the reclaimed clay left on the plaster bat all day yesterday, so I am hoping for even better productivity tomorrow when I have more clay to play with.

I am trying my hand at classic shapes, I want to master the technique of throwing properly….then I can go back to bizarre creations……

Sloppy clay on plaster bat to dry out

Vase...something is wrong...this looks like it might be useful!!


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