Glazed over…..

Probably the most pleasing firing to date, but still some dodgy looking glazes.  Not sure if  they are failing to flourish because of the firing, which seemed to be spot on this time, or because of the preparation.  I followed the recipe to the letter, so can only assume it is the firing, or the application.  It’s all so unpredicatable.  That’s why when you do get a lovely piece like the large celedon bowl it is so rewarding.

Have another shed full of large bowls, so we keep practicing… day we will get a glaze that we love…….

'The Pack'

Heavy reduction going on

Cones - perfectly fired. Learnt good the cones diagonally.....then you can see them all through spy hole....doh!

The Opening. It takes a while for what you are presented with to sink it any good????

Large bowl. Black slip and David Leach Celedon

Buckets. The glaze on the one on the left was called 'white brain crawl'....I like it, but totally the opposite of what expected. Didn't check it was suitable for reduction firing.

Copper Red Glaze

Supposed to be pale Celedon glaze on porcelain beakers. It has worked on the front left one which was close to the burner in the kiln, which makes me think the others are under fired. Will take them to Farnham and refire.


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One response to “Glazed over…..

  1. Cumbrian exile

    Well done – looks like you actually waited for the new teacher for the kiln opening and it also looks like the bowls and their glazes are professional quality.

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