Progress on the wheel

Made some real progress on the wheel today.  Two reasons: 1. The lovely Cornish Clay is very soft and easy to centre (not like trying to manoeuver a hippo) 2. Learnt yesterday how to make a gallery on the rim to support a lid (easy when you know how).

Biggest bowl this kick wheel has seen (by me anyway) Probably the messiest wheel too!

Casserole Dish....with appendages (of course)

Handles and galleried rim

Gallery to support lid. Don't want to blow own trumpet, but am impressed by this...especially since the only tool you need is a plastic garden plant label.



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2 responses to “Progress on the wheel

  1. Cumbrian exile

    Another amazing pot but you may need a tall oven to accommodate the height of the casserole lid. Will look good on the table though, especially when full of stew and dumplings.

  2. Wow, you are getting proficient!!Well done, they look lovely

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