Firing in the Rain

It’s bank holiday….so of course it is raining.  Despite the rain we continued with the plan to fire the kiln today.  There is a tight schedule to get everything fired before the craft fair next Sunday.  This is the first of three planned firing this week, so really hoping we get off to a good start.  I am using new glazes, never tested before, so taking a risk that they turn out well.  It’s too late to make any new pots if something goes wrong.  It will be extra exciting opening the kiln tomorrow.  Julian had his graph out again today and ignoring a blip at the start, he is confident it was a good firing, lets hope he’s right……to be continued…..

Kiln packed

Trying to shelter the flu from the rain and the burner from the wind.

This is fun.....

Looking for cones is the only reason you would need sunglasses today

Gas pressure and burner on full this time

Reducing flame


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