Throwing Weekend

Enjoyed an invigorating two days at Gareth Mason‘s throwing workshop last weekend.  Having been disenchanted and frustrated with throwing attempts in the past, expert guidance and some ‘potters tips’  on technique, meant my pots had come on leaps and bounds by the end of Sunday.  Found out I was centring with the wrong hand for a start….doh!

The idea of throwing pots in components is also interesting.  Ever wondered how those round pots with tall fluted necks are thrown…easy in 2 or more parts. Throw the first part….dry with gas flame, add next section…carry on throwing….. All sounds so simple.  Now have seen how it is done, will have to get on with putting it into practice.

Not sure how my leg is going to feel about moving vast lumps of clay on the kick wheel….Although I am a big fan of my kick wheel, electric wheels make so much sense.

Gareth demos throwing tall pot

...even taller pot

Boot full of Booty!

I was asked if the bowls are going to have feathers and ducks feet added to make Duck Bum Bowls……unfortunatley for the largest one, no.  I broke it trying to turn the base whilst resting on a bucket (another tip)….which I also need to get the hang of.  Duck Bummer!


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