Getting into it….

The day in the potting shed didn’t get off to the speediest of starts.  I have a long list of things to make, but the old faithful distraction tactics began creeping in.  I kept finding more interesting things to make than the things I should have been making.

I now have a whole family of duck bums, no idea if this is what people at craft markets are interested in, but I have really enjoyed making them.

Got on to the wheel eventually, I have found the key is to use big balls of clay, it will all get recycled in the pug mill, so it’s not being wasted.  Technique is much improved when you have more to work with.  Thinking though that the clay needs to be softer, I had to wrestle with it to get it centred, wet clay up to my arm pits….nice, good job only Flo watching. I am really looking forward to the throwing workshop this weekend and hoping that 2 full days of throwing will really improve my skills and make throwing pots on the wheel much less of an ordeal.

Biscuit kiln packed and ready for firing tomorrow…..there is a possibility that I may be ahead of schedule…..more by luck than judgement though.

Small Jar - Very chuffed at throwing the beveled rim

Salt Pig

The clue is in the name....'Salt Pig'....why not ears...and tail?

Duck Bum Family

Small...oh, only needs 2 feet!



Duck bum Colander....a step to far??!!



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2 responses to “Getting into it….

  1. emily

    I’ll buy a salt pig off you and defo a duck bum bowl too!!!!!!!!!!

  2. emily

    in fact, I have The Original salt pig

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