Day 1 – Production…….

Having taken great strides and booked a table at the Odiham Craft Fair, I have swung into full production today.  The aim being to produce smaller items suitable for this event.  It started well on the wheel, 3 colanders, 2 mugs, a custard jug, 2 small biscuit barrels…..but as the day went on, I slid back into my comfort zone of bizarre creations….  Ended the day with a house sign, I have been meaning to make for ages……all we need now is a house to put it on (is currently a bungalow)…..Oh and it is too big for the biscuit kiln too, so need to work that out too.

More focus on the end goal is required for tomorrow.

Started well.....

Mini biscuit barrels....just need woolly hat lids now

Pitcher (this was already made, just added funky handle, spout and rim)

House Sign (mad cycling fanatic lives there!)


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One response to “Day 1 – Production…….

  1. Mad cycling fanatic

    A highly productive day apparently and good to see the house sign given a high priority – looks an excellent job – thanks.

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