“What is the crazy pot woman doing now?!”

…..well, I don’t need a squirrel questioning my antics…..I’m quite capable of wondering this myself sometimes.

I have been trying to recreate a vessel seen in an old version of Daniel Rhodes’ book on Kilns, given to me by pottery guru friend Desmond.

It was a picture of someone loading a large brick built kiln and on top of the car were these wonderfully shaped pots.  I know understand them to be rhubarb forcers, which is a bit of a coincidence considering my involvement with rhubarb lately.  Anyway, this is not a rhubarb forcer, I certainly don’t need any help with that, but an interpretation of the form.  I have coated the outside with the black slip I made a few weeks ago, but with the addition of silicon carbide.  I read something a while ago that mentioned silicon carbide slip and thought I would give it a try.  The desired result is a textured volcanic finish, once the silicon carbide reacts with the glaze on the glost firing. So, watch this space and let’s see what happens……


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