…..What is it?

Interesting results from the raku firing.  I am definitley getting more adventurous…..  Fantastic swirls of shiny copper from the copper oxide applied on top of the glaze.  The red commercial glaze always produces reliable results, some might find comfort in this consistancy, but I find it dull and uninspiring. It always does exactly what you expect it to……what is the fun in that, hardly the spirit of raku.

Sadly the rim burst off my favourite piece, but casualties are to be expected.  The rim was thicker than the rest of the pot and there must have been an air bubble in the clay when it was made.  Really pleased with the effect of the glaze combination though on the remaining pot (see close up picture above), so will try and replicate this next time.  On consulting with others, had the rim remained in tact, it turns out I am the only one who would have liked it anyway…..fine…..they obviously still need to be enlightened…..

I wonder how many more times I will be asked of my pots…….”what is it?”

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