Bank Holiday Raku

Rainy bank holiday Sunday.  Very annoying since it has been beautiful sunshine all week.  Family staying, so thought I would initiate them into the wonderful world of Raku…..

To their total bemusement…….why would you want to set fire to stuff in a dustbin in the garden, when it is raining with a freezing cold wind and there is a roaring fire, pot of tea and Sunday papers indoors.  They are obviously not hooked yet.

Dragged them all out for the main event……still not sure they are convinced….more like, good heavens…what on earth is she up to now!!   Not even convinced when the pots have been scrubbed and cleverly absorbed into any spare cm of windowledge.  Clearly, they are not pyromaniacs…….  may be I should stick to milk jugs (unlikely)……

Pots...pre firing

Lifing the pot from the kiln

Into the sawdust

More sawdust in....quick!

Lid on

Smokefest..... Watch the rhubarb!


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One response to “Bank Holiday Raku

  1. Smoked rhubarb schnapps maybe??

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