Rhubarb Booty

More Rhubarb goodies this week in the form of Rhubarb Chutney and Rhubarb and Ginger Jam.  We have cut all the flowers that had started growing from the plants and now it is producing more rhubarb than ever.  First attempt at jam…..more practice may be required……I have a feeling it may have the consistancy of a boiled sweet.  Don’t break the knife trying to spread it on your crumpet!!  At least we have plenty more of this splendid vegetable to practice with.  Have just found a recipe for Rhubarb Schnapps too……

Oh, and if this wasn’t more info than you needed about rhubarb, you really indulge yourself with the Rhubarb Compendium….enjoy!

Chutney on the go

Finished article

The Jam - Can you believe....only 4 small jars from 2kg of Rhubarb...where did it go?


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One response to “Rhubarb Booty

  1. Hi
    Thanks for popping over and leaving the nice comment about the site, I hope your schnapps goes well.
    If your jam is really too thick you could try using it as the starting point for some chutney, it takes a bit of estimating and guesswork. I converted 5 jars of plum glue into some very nice apple and plum chutney a few years ago.

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