“What a Load of Rhubarb!”

The most enormous patch of Rhubarb has appeared outside the window of The Potting Shed.  I didn’t even really notice it growing, then all of a sudden it is in season and ready to pick.  I have always wanted a Rhubarb plant, so am very pleased.  Rhubarb crumble and custard for pudding last night, going to try my hand at jam making (Rhubarb and Ginger), stewed rhubarb for breakfast……A quick search on the web found suggestions for rhubarb wine…..sounds good.  I think I will fill freezer with rhubarb so can eat for the rest of the year…..yum..

Search of web also uncovered that rhubarb can also mean “nonsense” – as in, “What a load of rhubarb!”

or more interestingly……

Apparently, “rhubarb” was a 19th Century slang term for one’s private parts. There was a well-known coarse query a hundred years or so ago – “How’s your rhubarb, Missus?” that was guaranteed to get your face slapped

How's your Rhubarb!!!


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  1. That’s quite a history of the word rhubarb. Oh yes, rhubarb can be used into any dish. Actually, I grow them all year round inside my greenhouse. In fact, hothouse rhubbarb (grown in heated greenhouses during winter) is more tender and tastes better than cultivated rhubarbs.

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