The Grand Opening….

Been circling the kiln all afternoon, eager for a peep….but when the time came to open it….I was anxious!

An interesting array of results.  We were firing to cone 7/.  Cone 8 had completely bent over, so the glazes may have been slightly over fired, but it looks like we did achieve reduction or partial reduction.  Lesson for next time to ensure reduction is to close the dampers further and turn the burner pressure up so the temerature doesn’t fall.

Pleased with the results for our first ‘solo’ firing in this kiln.  Lots of lessons learnt for next time……and there will be a next time…..that’s the main thing!

I can’t wait for the next grand opening, the anticipation is thrilling…..


Glaze Tests

The booty...

Ashley's Glaze recipe on chunky Black clay - Love this. Am pleased that this one worked and will definitley use again

Jo Connell - Volcanic glaze. Good cratered texture on this bottle

Unique breakfast crockery!! Mug and Bowl in one! They must have been too close and have fused together. The volcanic glaze on the black clay has produced an interesting pink colour though.

Barium glaze...too much cobalt I think, but brilliant blue. Would look great as a splash of colour on a big bowl.

Best of the bunch....these ones have made it inside....for the time being (until the next batch)

Emanuel Cooper 246 - Orange/Red glaze

E. Cooper semi-matt base glaze 231 with Vanadium Oxide (dry and textured)

E. Cooper 253 Rusty Red/Brown. Lovely glossy deep brown like Tenmoku

E. Cooper 222 - Mutted Red. Good example of the differences that can be achieved with reduction and oxidation. This pot was placed by the burner, so one side is red and the other is green where the oxygen reached it via the burner hole. Side of the pot also got burnt, but it left a interesting mark which I like. Be a good jug....if I had got round to giving it a handle.



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2 responses to “The Grand Opening….

  1. Cumbrian exile

    If you can get that much stuff into a kiln, you can do the dishwasher.

  2. Zoe

    Blimey, you have made sooo much! This is amazing.

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