Raku Treasure

Whilst the main kiln firing event was taking place today, decided to do a quick raku firing.  I had six tea bowls at the ready.  The ones that I sandpapered my hands throwing a couple of weeks ago.

Satisfied with the results….sort of.  Of the six pots fired, 3 have made it into the house, 1 has already been given away as a souvenir and 2 have been relegated to the shed.  50% success rate……not bad, but not hosting the tea ceremony yet!

More lessons learnt…….and much fun scrubbing the pots to uncover the treasure beneath….

Ready to go...

Kiln loaded....

Removing glowing pots from the kiln


Pale Yellow this was supposed to be (Uranium substitute glaze)

Accoring to the recipe, these were supposed to be pinky/yellow! Like them though...

Great flash of copper on this tea bowl. Wish I had put more on now, and applied it over and not under the glaze.


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