Getting ready…..

What a wonderful sunny day.  Enjoyed a visit from Desmond, who came to check out the new home for his pottery equipment.  I do hope it was all satisfactory!

Having spent Thursday mixing buckets of glaze, the final part of the process (putting the glaze on the pots) before firing was completed this afternoon.  It does seem to have taken quite a while to get to this point.  For someone who lacks patience and needs things to be done now……pottery is strange choice….

Just sitting reading the instruction manuel for the kiln.  I have fired it once before with Desmond, but it is not the same as doing it yourself and it was a while ago.  Trying to work out how to acheive a successful reduction firing.  There are a number of factors that need to be carefully monitored including rate of temperature rise, flame size and regulating the air supply.

Since we will be stuck at home all day tomorrow because the kiln will need constant attention, I have also made a couple of raku glazes, and have applied these to 6 tea bowls.  These can be fired tomorrow as a distraction from the main event.  It also means I will actually have some finished pots tomorrow.  We will have sit tight until Monday evening before we can see the other results.

Fingers crossed for the big firing tomorrow.

Glaze Tests - 10 different glazes, 3 different clays

Glazed pots, ready for the kiln

Buckets of glaze. One good thing about working in the farm shop is a supply of plastic buckets...absolutley vital!!

Kiln it a full service.....

Humm...what's going on here?

Packing the kiln

Full up and cones in place.

Light bulb moment......?


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