Buckets of Slip…

Have made 2 buckets of slip today.  One white or a base for other colours and one black hopefully.  The white is just 50% Ball Clay and 50 % China Clay.  Had this huge sack of ball clay from Desmond which I thought I would use.  It was full of massive big lumps, and no amount of poking was going to get them through a 60# sieve, so I ended up milling them both.  Desmond will be happy to see his mill in use.  I was never a fan of it before because of the washing up it creates…but needs must.  At least they are made properly now…..and Julian offered to do the washing up with the hosepipe in the garden, in exchange for a bowl of pasta – bonus!

I remembered whilst mixing the slips that they require biscuit firing after application, so won’t be able to test them in this weekends glaze firing.  Nevermind, something to look forward to experimenting with next time.  Had the biscuit kiln on again today, thought I would get some of my throwing efforts ready for glazing before the weekend.  Heard a loud bang in there though, so something has exploded…..will have to see tomorrow evening if anything as survived….

P.S. Check out the new slideshow application….I like it…but no captions…….

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