Mission for the week accomplished, we have scaled Skiddaw, 931 m (3,054 feet),  the fourth highest in The Lake Distict.  Weather looked great this morning and the forecast was good, sunshine and hardly any cloud….and it remained like that until we reached Ullock Pike…….when just as the views of the Derwent Fells poked out from over the ridge……the cloud came in.  It is clear to see how people get into trouble on the fells, one minute it was sunny, then I turned around and couldn’t see a thing, it was that quick.  Typical…..I had a made a pact to myself that it was only worth climbing mountains if there was a stunning view waiting at the top….otherwise, what is the point?

Over lunch, the cloud broke to give good views of Blencathra, and the views on the way down, when the cloud had lifted again were also magnificent.  A nice gentle descent over Cockup, which provided a good spot to finish off our hot cross buns and look out towards the Solway.

Having been hit by the dreaded lurgee yesterday and resigned to the sofa for the day, I was hell bent on getting up Skiddaw today, which made me wonder whether fell walking is mind over matter.  This walk was a breeze…no achy legs, no shortage of breath, a real treat.  Maybe if you go out on a mission…..you can crack all the fells with relative ease – wishful thinking….?

Now when we drive into the Lakes on the A66, I will see another of the big fells ticked off the list and even more importantly when I’m having  breakfast at Dad’s and looking out the window, I will know that I have been up there.  Very satifying.

'Cockup' to the right, 'Great Cockup' on the left. Great names, wonder how they got them?


Ullock Pike and Longside ridge

Bassenthwaite Lake from Ullock Pike....just before the cloud came in...

Here comes the cloud...

Steep acent over slate shale to Skiddaw

Lunch just before the summit (summit too busy!!)

Flo finds more snow....can you believe the weather up here? It was nice and sunny with no clouds when we set off.

Hurrah.....mission accomplished - The Top.

Descent over 'Cockup'. Looking out to Blindcrake and the Solway

Think I've had enough now....paws ache!

Sale Fell (another one ticked off my list)

Hello....Baa Baa Baaa

Great to get down and be able to see where you've been....especially since the cloud has now lifted...typical!!


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