Bench at Bowness-on-Solway

When it stopped raining after lunch, we took the opportunity to drive to Bowness-on-Solway, to check out one end of Hadrian’s Wall.  Nothing to see actually, there is no wall, and the village was built on top of the fort….in fact the village is probably made out of the wall, but a worthwhile trip none the less.  Interesting to learn about  ‘Haaf Net‘ fishing, started by the Vikings, and takes place exclusively on the Solway.  The bench at ‘The Bank’ promenade at what would have been the end of the wall, symbolises this fishing tradition.

Scotland just visible through the murky mist on the otherside of the Solway Firth.  Once connected by a railway viaduct, which on all accounts the Scottish put to good use on Sundays when England had booze, and they weren’t allowed any.

Look at my big stick...

Humm.....think that's Scotland over there, or it is another stick....

84 miles to the other end of Hadrian's wall (Wallsend, Newcastle)

The Bench

'THE' Bench - symbolises the Haaf Net fishing tradition

Apart from the face of the Celtic water god, didn't actually see any pottery, but interesting to know the Romans were using kick-wheels....things in my shed have not seen much progress...

Eroded salt marshes on edge of the Solway

'The Bank' - End of Hadrian's Wall


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