Head in the Clouds

Woken up by the Easter Bunny! Any day which starts with chocolate eggs hidden in the garden has the makings of being a good one.

Great to be back up on Clints Craggs again this afternoon.  The last time we were here, we were sledging down them, now they are teaming with new born lambs and primroses.

Skiddaw just had it’s head in the clouds.  The plan is to get up there this week.  When it is visible from the front window, it needs to be conquered, otherwise I won’t be able to rest easy whilst eating my museli.  Waiting for a good weather day, then off we go.

Skiddaw, with it's head in the clouds. Mission is to get up there this week.

Limestone pavement on Clints Cragg

Might be a little bit windy up here!

WWW...... (Willie White's Well)

Sunlight catching the meandering River Derwent


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