Good Friday…..once it stopped raining

The planned all day walk on Good Friday was looking like it wasn’t going to happen.  The rain was lashing down and if you get wet whilst you are out that is one thing, but getting wet from the front door is not an appealing prospect.  Plans to set off before lunch were abandoned and we ended up eating our packed lunch around the dinning room table…disappointing, but at least we weren’t depending on the camp stove this time and there was the opportunity for a glass of wine with the cheese buttie.

Luckly, at the mention of an afternoon game of Cluedo the clouds cleared and out came the currant bun.  It ended up being a lovely walk over Milford, Witley and Thursley Commons.  Everyone was very pleased to have got out in the fresh air even though we forgot to shorten the walk to compensate for the delayed start, so arrived back at 7.30pm…..good job for lighter evenings….

Easter chocolate buns...yum!

Who lives in there...Woodpecker??

Fabulous grooved bark of the Scotts Pine

Thursley Common, a baren landscape, just starting to show signs of recovery after the devesting fires 4 years ago

Can't think what happened to this tree trunk.

Either clinging on for dear life, or holding the bank up.....

Thankfully feet, now only 1 mile home for us


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