Harbour Slip Pot – 1st Firing

Remember the pot, covered with slip made from clay dug up at Chichester Harbour, well here is the result after firing number 1.  Am really pleased with the result of the black engobe on the rim and black iron spots have appeared on the slip giving it  depth.  Not too happy about the glaze colour on the standard clay body (I think the GM red glaze was too thin, so have reglazed with copper red and hopefully this will produce a better result. We wait with anticipation for firing number 2.

There is something entralling about making a pot from the earth rather than out of a bag.  Brings you closer to the whole process.  It’s not just a pot, somehow you become absorbed in the process.  It’s not so much what it looks like, but how you feel about it.

That is probably why I like Doble’s clay, because you actually go to the clay pit and get it off the man who dug it out of the ground.  Since I have turned my hand to throwing, I have run out of stoneware, so another trip to St Agnes is on the cards soon.


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