Am now in posession of the final glaze ingredient, Dolomite……and a boot full of various other bags, sacks and jars from Desmond….and still another trip is required.  Swapped it for a couple of flapjacks….seemed a fair deal!

All this glaze mixing makes me wish I had paid more interest in Chemistry…..I didn’t know at the time that I would actually have a use for it!

Dolomite, which seems to crop up a lot in glaze recipes is a sedimentary carbonate rock and a mineral, both composed of calcium magnesium carbonate and found in crystals.

Dolomite is used in glazes as a flux, which means it lowers the melting point of the glass formers in the glaze.

The stuff...


Another boot load


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  1. I’m impressed….. you been nattering with Ashley?
    We had a glaze tutorial this week, and like you I wish I had some more knowledge of chemistry. Sadly I wasn’t apparently bright enough when I was at school!!!!

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