Lamp Stand??

Straight home from work and dived into the potting shed to open the biscuit kiln…and to shelter from a massive downpour, thunder and lightning.  Almost went to bed and forgot it was on last night.  Julian does have his uses!  Despite squashing it all in there were no breakages.  All the glaze tests are biscuit fired now…and Desmond does have plenty of Dolomite….so absolutely no excuses now.

Have all this mad biscuit ware now…….and tiptoeing into the new wilderness of glazing…….

I found one of those light fitting that goes into the top of bottle. Thought I could make this into a lamp base with it.....can you see it?....Vision!!

Growing pile of biscuit ware.....Need to get on with those glazes or gonna run out of shelf space.


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One response to “Lamp Stand??

  1. Cumbrian exile

    Glazes? – pots look good as they are.

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