Love Mondays….

I used to be a big fan of Garfield, and I’m sure I used to hate Mondays too…..but not any more…Mondays are Potting days and I’ve been in my potting shed sanctury most of the day.  Cunningly planned to fire the biscuit kiln today too so it was moderately warm in there, despite the miserable rainly weather outside the window.

Throwing practice yielded the usual array of results….biggest problem today was centring, which is annoying because I thought I’d cracked it last week.  If you get frustrated and start off with the clay even slightly off centre, you’re going to end up with a wonky pot, no matter what you do. So, I have a lot of wonky pots today….rustic?

Finally got round to mixing some glazes too.  Made a volcanic glaze, a recipe found in a lovely book, ‘Ceramic Surfaces by Jo Connell’ lent to me by a friend.  I am going to mix in different grades of Silicon Carbide to see what different effects can be achieved.  I am looking for ‘big’ craters.  Also gathered the ingredients ready for the next few glaze trials only to find I was missing Dolomite.  Picking up the rest of Desmond’s glaze chemicals on Thursday afternoon, so as long as he has some, I will be able to get them mixed and sieved ready for firing after that.

Selection of random thrown efforts today

Kiln...not very exciting to look at, but hopefully a successful biscuit firing inside. Fingers crossed because really had to squeeze the lid was a bit full.

Glaze Mixing


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One response to “Love Mondays….

  1. Cumbrian exile

    I remember your Garfield period and it appears, so do you – well at least his antipathy towards Mondays.

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