British Summer Time

Ooopss, totally forgot we lost an hour today.  It was 11 o clock before I realised that it was actually almost lunch time.  Decided to go out for a walk from home as already running well behind time.  Down to the canal, over Broad Oak bridge and then into a quagmire of mud, up to our knees, smelling of a farmyard.  Julian in a mood…clearly in the wrong shoes, me smug….in my wellies.

Saw some fabulous gnarled oak trees.  The bark is amazing and the trees are so majestic, solid, wise and honest. Wondering how I can incorporate that texture into some pots.  Brought back some bark to attempt some imprints, but it maybe more effective if I make some plastercast moulds.  Need to find a source of plaster of paris.

Got back just in time to turn the bottoms of the pots I threw last weekend, may have to bring them inside to dry as the temperature of the potting shed is still chilly.  Hope it warms up in there soon.  Need to get them biscuit fired ready for the inaugural firing of the gas kiln at Easter.


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