Sandpapered Hands

More throwing practice today.  Made 6 tea bowls which will be raku fired.  Raku was invented by the Japanese for firing the vessels used in their tea ceremony, so if I am going to raku, it only seems right I should attempt some tea bowls.  It has been on my mind to make tea bowls for….hummm…well over a year, but with my new wheel and time to practice today was the day to get started.  After all, they are supposed to be simple, humble vessels….how hard can that be…yeah right!!

I used Doble’s Raku clay, which is heavily grogged and to be honest is not really soft enough for throwing…yet once I started, I was determined to get through all the balls of clay…..I now have the smoothest hands ever – they have been finely sandpapered.  I would make a great burglar today….I think I’ve worn all my fingerprints off!

Tea Bowls

If these work out, maybe I will host a ceremony to celebrate….PG Tips anyone??


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