Plants have brains too….

Lovely walk around Rotherwick on Sunday afternoon.  Plenty of mud for big hairy doggie, it won’t matter next week after she’s had a spring hair cut.  Julian collecting holly for his lessons today.  Did you know that holly only has spiky leaves at the height it could be eaten by deer?  Further up the tree the leaves are smooth…no spikes!  Amazing, who says plants don’t have brains!

Why does the moss in this wood only grow a foot high I wonder?

This sawn trunk would make a fabulous bowl. Smooth on the inside, great chunky texural rim.

Great rip and texture down the trunk of this tree

Lovely texture. From reading up this weekend, I think the best way of trying to achieve this texture is multiple slip and glaze applications and multiple firings too.

Looks like a slug, or that funny creature from 'Willow the Wisp'....but I'm thinking rim for bowl

Oh...don't leave me.....As if!


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