Throwing Practice

After a disasterous reaquaintance with Desmond’s (mine now) kick wheel on Wednesday, I was propelled to keep trying after the talk on Thursday night, where it was made clear that there really is no substitute for pratice, practice, practice.  And it is all well and good being a ‘potter’, but I do believe that a level of technical skill is required to display proficiency at your craft.  After all, if you tell someone you are a potter….they will always ask “do you have a wheel?” Throwing is synonomous with pottery…..I will conquor it!

Spending two hours in a cold, damp shed is definitley more appealing now I don’t also have to stand on one leg to use the wheel…..I have a seat and everything…….

Quite pleased with results, or quite pleased that every ball of clay generated a pot (none ended up in the sloppy bucket).  Tried a range of shapes to experiement with how the clay feels and performs.  They are ideal for glaze practice if nothing else.


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