Watership Down

Been saving this walk for a clear, sunny day and Sunday fitted the bill.  Beautiful views from the top of Watership Down.  I had no idea this place really existed, I thought it was purely fictional.  Not a rabbit to be seen though, I’m sure the presence of a big hairy doggie did not enourage them out of their burrows…and the Hunt we later ended up in the middle of didn’t help either.

Views good, peacefull and relaxing….could do better!

I do have a sturdy new pottery bench, thanks to Julian’s chippy skills.  The pottery shed now needs another sort out before I can put it into action.  To do it justice, I am waiting for it to be clean, tidy and free from clutter before I unveil it.  In return, Julian does have the dinning room table back.  Hopefully next weekend I can use it to get mixing some glazes…..

Stubbington Down

Watership Down.....No rabbits to been seen......

...Not suprised with big hairy doggie about!

Nice and quiet here now.....10 minutes later the hunt had arrived...

Loved all the different shaped trees on the horizon. What a variety.

Good Luck....could use some of this with my pots....

Little Fluffy Clouds....

Jonny Red Coat....Hunt Leader

And the rest bring up the rear.....plenty of horses for flo to bark at!


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