Sausage Butties

Brilliant weather for a walk yesterday with friends to Five Ways End.  The meeting of 5 ancient trackways (old tin-trading routes), up high, under a canopy of gnarled old beech trees, with views over rolling hills.  It was here that we (Geoff) stopped and cooked sausage and bacon butties…and a cup-a-soup.  Costs almost nothing, but worth a million pounds….the best way to spend a Sunday.

Firing the electric kiln in the kitchen today, it is providing some much needed heat…..I have built up quite a collection that needs to be biscuit fired and either the kiln is to small…or my pots are too big, couldn’t even get half of them in.  Think I will have to fire it again later in the week…and then I can get on with the process of experimenting with glazes.

Flo has the most amazing rumbling tummy….she can’t understand where the noises keep coming from….must be that bacon sarnie she snaffled yesterday….

Five Lane End (3 lanes)

(2 Lanes)

Excellent spot for lunch

Sausage Chef

In charge of Cup-a-Soups....

Where's my sausage?



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