The Big Move…

Late to Desmond’s this morning, because we went to borrow a friend’s van for the day…..only to find it was full of logs,  (he is a tree surgeon), but had to find somewhere to dump them first, that was open on a Saturday.  Arrived at Desmond’s at 11am in the end, only to find we were 4 hours early!  They were expecting us at 3pm, pointed out that was last weekend arrangement…..nevermind the benefit of arriving early is we got lovely warm biscuits, just out of the oven.

Well done to the weather forecasters for getting it wrong again….thankfully not a drop of rain, just lovely sunshine.  I was glad to read in the paper today that the Met Office has finally given up doing long range forecasting…..after, hummm…100 years, they have worked out that they can’t do it.

Anyway back to business, we filled the van with pottery booty.  I really have no excuses now.  I have just flicked through Emmanuel Coopers ‘The Potters Book of Glaze Recipes’ and I have the ingredients to make most of these (455 glazes).  In fact, I was trying to find a glaze with an ingredient I didn’t have…..came up with wollastonite…ever heard of that?

I appreciate the fact that Desmond has allowed me to take ownership of this much used and much loved equipment, collected over the past 40 years.  I know he has had an immense amount of enjoyment from it, and I will ensure Icontinue to do so.  It has gone to a good home, and it’s a good job I cleared out the shed earlier in the week.  It is going to need another big sort out now.

Also managed to pick up our garden furniture, kindly looked after by Al and Barb for the past 3 years.  With all the heavy lifting done, I very much enjoyed my cup of tea in the sunshine this afternoon….sitting on my bench.

Oh, and the old pottery wheel has been sold on ebay and will also be enjoying a new home soon, and I will be enjoying a new bag of clay (or 2) with the proceeds.

How on earth did we lift that wheel up there?

You do the lifting...I'll take the pictures....

Ot oh....good job no clay to hand

Hummm....well you could see the floor...

Sunshine, garden bench.......

Oh yes...I like it too.......

Look how white and fluffy I am....must of been to Al's Poodle Parlour for a scrub.


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