Inspiration in the Flesh

Another glaze test pot out of the kiln at Farnham this morning.  I never liked the form of this pot, there was something not quite right out it, however, where the glaze has pooled, it is a lovely turquoise colour as expected and when the sun catches it, it is iridescent.  Unfortunately the black clay has sagged during the firing, so the whole pot has sunk, making the form even more undesirable.  Apparently the firing was quite high and it was left to soak for a while too, the guard cone was slightly bent over.  The black clay is fine in the glaze kiln when it is unglazed, so the flux in the glaze will be a contributing factor to the melting point.

The firing range for the black chunky is 11000 – 12600 so at Cone 9, the clay was being pushed to it’s limits.  I am going to try a glaze firing with the black clay myself and reduce the final temperature slightly.

Nevertheless, while mooching round the garden with Flo later I noticed that the ugly pot looks quite at home in natural surroundings.  When placed in the nook of the tree, it reminded me of the canker I saw at Puttenham Common (Blog – Nov 09). So all this collecting of things that inspire me is taking effect and I am subconsciously recreating elements of what I have seen in my work…..spooky!


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  1. Cumbrian exile

    Can you do something like this that’s big enough for a garden sculpture? If so, I’ll order one.


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