Chunky Black – Glaze Tests

Glaze test were out of the kiln when I got to pottery this morning.  The test pieces were a creation that didn’t quite make it, but the contrast of the white and black clays were perfect for checking out how glazes would react before comitting them to a pot I actually like.  Am intrigued, excited, inspired with the results.  The glazes have behaved very differently on the chunky black clay, due to the high levels on iron and magnesium in the clay body.  I am used to their results on white stoneware, so it was a revelation that they would react so differently.  The Shino glaze was particulary impressive……proof that you are constantly being challenged, bemused and thrilled when working with ceramics.

I have a plan for a pot for this Shino glaze……

Shino Glaze - fabulous thick, matt, metalic finish, speckled with orange on the black clay. High gloss, orange/white (depending on thickness) on the white stoneware.

Richard's glaze (RM01). Thin metalic glaze on the black, but pools of turquoise where glaze is thicker. Shimmery, mottled white (purple/turquoise) on white stoneware.



Gareth's Red Glaze. Faint pools of white on black clay in depressions where deeper, but pretty much no effect on the black clay (slightly glossy), signs of red on white stoneware where glaze has pooled.

Leach Talc Dolomite Glaze. Normally white on white stoneware, effect on black clay is mottled white and dark brown. Lovely effect, like this a lot. It has run off the rim, so the black clay is poking though the rough edge.


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