Couldn’t wait……

I have just got round to including a Gallery page which shows previous creations.  Interestingly, no new finished pieces since starting this blog….I can only blame the weather….too cold to get out in the shed, because there are plenty of pots spinning around in my head, they’ve just not been born yet.

Useful process to review previous pieces though, (there are plenty strewn around the house…..but you see them…and don’t ‘see’ them because they become familiar).  I have experimented with a diverse range of clay, techniques, glazes, firing temperatures, styles and inspiration.  In looking for a theme…the one thing that tends to link these pieces….is that they are all ‘big’ and they have their own character, some of them I have parted with and sold, but the rest are like old friends.  Ceramics for me to date has been about expression, you start out with a lump of clay and sometime later a vision, lurking from your deep subconscious has presented itself.

In a move to make the potting process more conscious, and have a vision of what I am trying to create, rather than wait and see what happens, I’ve been out and about in the past few months trying to capture and absorb the things that unleash themselves when I get a bag of clay out.  I’ve been packing all these ideas in…waiting for the warmer weather…..but I just couldn’t wait any longer.  Now every surface in the dining room is cluttered with new and half finished creations, all lurking under plastic bags.  Julian is being very patient….he too is now also wishing for warmer weather, just so he can have his table back.


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