Wales Watching…..

A visit to Portishead on Saturday for a friends birthday, freezing cold day, but lovely bright sunshine.  Sat at the view point just down from Battery Point and had a fabulous outlook over South Wales and the Severn Bridge.  I had forgotten how muddy the beaches are along the Severn, but had never before noticed the cavernous wiggly channels left behind in the mud when the tide goes out.  Lucky we didn’t have a bag with us, or else Julian may have ended up lugging more mud home for experimentation…..

After a few ‘tongue loosening’ beers I let slip my pottery aspirations… better get my finger out now…no pressure!  Received a commision though which is really positive…Oh and was reminded that I still owe one fruit bowl, a promised wedding present… better doubly get my finger out…..

Severn Bridge

Kilkenny Bay, Portishead to Newport, Wales with Denny Island in the middle of the River Severn

The Severn Estuary is well know for muddy beaches, but with the tide goes out that are great cavernous muddly channels left behind.


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  1. Cumbrian exile

    Strictly speaking it’s the , ‘Second Severn Crossing’ (Welsh: Ail Groesfan Hafren). ‘Shoots Bridge’ is cable-stayed bit of it over the navigation channel.

    ‘Severn Bridge’ is the older suspension bridge a bit farther upstream

    Yawn – but it’s your fault for blogging about bridges in the first place Rachel.


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