It began with Einstein…..

Fabulous visit to the V&A Museum in London yesterday.  I was excited about going and was not disappointed.  The refurbished (Phase II – open summer 2010) ceramics galleries are a real wonder.  The glass roof makes the space light and airy and despite the rest of the museum being packed at half term, the  test on our navigation skills to the 6th floor, meant very few people had ventured up that far… or maybe they had attempted to and are still wandering.  At several points we thought the gallery must still be shut because there seemed no way there, but we were determined to find it……and it was definitely worth getting the compass out!

The whole day out started with Einstein…..and ended with a scene from the Borrowers – but in between was the most extensive range of ceramics, beautifully displayed and constantly probing the imagination.  A pot medley!

The glazes and techniques used today were being used in the same way hundreds of years ago.  There was a pot dating from 2500 – 2000 BC, who’s shape would not look out of place if thrown today.  An immense amount of inspiration can be taken from studying creations from the past; shapes, colours, textures and effects, even uses, are all intriguing.  I was particularly drawn to the work of Reginald Wells, whom I hadn’t come across before.  I will do further investigation into his work and practices.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

'Scale' at the Tate Modern


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  1. Hoolie

    ‘Imagination may well be more important than knowledge’, said Einstein, until it comes to do your Teacher Training QTS tests, when knowledge most certainly becomes more important than imagination!!!

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