Head for the Coast…..

If you want to escape the gloomy miserable weather (even snow today!)…head for the coast.  The brighter outlook of being near the sea is certain to lift the spirits, especially when Julian produced his home-made coconut and cashew nut flapjack….a confectionary delight!

Destination today was Chidham Penisula, in Chichester Harbour.  In an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is not hard to see why.  So peaceful….and plenty to inspire and get the creative juices flowing.

The intertidal mudflats at Cobner Rithe are a haven for texure and colour, and the contorted features of the landscape, knarled and moulded by the sea are a feast of visual possibilities.

Apart from the obvious enjoyment of the picnic lunch stop, it is always a pleasure to continue the remainer of the walk with a lighter load….not the case if you are poor Julian, who got lumbered with a lunch box full of clay to transport back.  Fabulous colour and texture of clay….can’t wait to try out a new creation with it!


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