Bring on the daffodils….

It has been a freezing cold and long winter; it feels like my woolly hat has been a permanent fixture.  I was only wishing last week that the daffodils would hurry up.  They are magnificent flowers and always signify brighter things, longer days, spring time and the beginning our emergence from winter hibernation.  So imagine the joy when I saw my first daffodil bud of the year today.  These great, trumpeting, happy blooms will soon be sprouting everywhere, I can’t wait and thought this daffodil milestone deserved a blog post of it’s own….Bring on the spring!



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2 responses to “Bring on the daffodils….

  1. Cumbrian exile

    Is that really “beautiful weathered wood” because it looks like a fossilised crocodile?

  2. Hoolie

    Go trumpet flowers, go!! Can’t be long now, beautiful sunny day in Odiham, and daffodil stems are appearing under the apple trees here by the day. Let’s hope our new mole doesn’t get to them first! Flo is on guard!

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